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BTR-48-OHB - 48 Inch LED Overhead Lightbar

BTR-48-OHB - 48 Inch LED Overhead Lightbar

BTR-48-OHB - 48 Inch LED Overhead Lightbar

The newest in LED overhead lighting. This overhead LED warning light has no parts to replace other than the lights and flasher module. No lenses, no motors or anything. Parts are factory standard and easy to get. The lights are standard 6.5 Inch oval lights. If 1 goes bad, get a new one from anywhere and plug it in. No special ends. The case itself is virtually indestructible and it just wont break. This bar also comes with 2 end marker leds lights to give 360 degrees of visibility. You have the ability to switch you front lights off while the rears are on and vice versa or you can have them all on. The flasher has 3 modes and the flash patterns are as follows:Mode 1 & Mode 2: Double Alternating, Quad Alternating, Mega Alternating, Quint Simultaneous, Simultaneous, Quad Simultaneous, Random Mode 3: Scan, Sweep, Alternate 1-2 & 3-4, Quad Alternate 1-2 & 3-4, Quad Alternate 1-3 & 2-4, Alternate 1-3 & 2-4, Random. This bar comes with switchbox and is also available in 60 inch and 72 inch models.




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